Weber Chimney Starter (large)


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Everyone knows lighting the barbecue can be half the battle, so there’s only one safe, easy and quick way to light your charcoal barbecue: with a chimney starter. Here are the reasons why:

  • The chimney starter has a large, ergonomic, heat resistant plastic handle with a secondary steering handle that offers greater stability when pouring the briquettes on to the charcoal grate. There is also an extra heat shield that protects against radiant heat.
  • The cone shaped wire rack exposes more briquette edges to the flame, securing a faster ignition.
  • Air holes in the bottom and side, pushing heat up and creating a chimney effect, so that one briquette lights the next.

Recommended by barbecuers everywhere. It’s the easiest way to get perfectly lit charcoal.

The large size is recommended for 47 and 57cm kettles.

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