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Who doesn’t love a burger from the barbecue? Ever since the first burger was served, people have created new taste combinations. But no matter what you add to your burger, nothing is more important than the patty. A nice, juicy patty is the core of any burger, and of course how you grill it is vital. To guarantee success, make sure to always make the patties the same size and shape by using a burger press. That way, they will always be ready at the same time. Delicious!

Designed to make uniform ¼ or ½ lb burger patties, the Weber Original™ Burger Press flattens meat into round shapes with a dimple in the middle for the juiciest hamburgers ever. The dimple keeps the burger from puffing up in the centre, which allows the juice to remain in the rest of the burger. The Burger Press has a nylon grip removable handle and a plastic base with lid. The handle detaches for easy cleanup. Dishwasher safe. 

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