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The Home Series is a refreshed and popular paddle-shaped, hand-held grater with an updated handle design that provides greater comfort, stability and durability.  The handle design combines a comfortable, soft touch material with an overlay of stronger, moulded plastic with subtle ribbing for a more secure grip. All Microplane® Home Series graters offer a broad grating surface for more room to efficiently get the job done. All are dishwasher-safe and feature razor-sharp surgical-grade stainless steel blades.

The Ribbon Blade is designed to grate in both directions, allowing a natural back and forth movement. The Ribbon Blade creates medium thin strips – a similar texture to the shaver, but just a bit finer and thinner.

Foods and Dishes:

Ideal for everything that needs to have more texture like:

Courgettes, hard cheese or cabbage.
Perfect for grating hard and soft cheeses for omelettes, souffles, ratins and other savoury delights.
Onions and potatoes for hash browns or grate nuts onto muffin batter.
Hard foods such as chocolate, as well as root vegetables like carrots and radishes for vitamin-packed salads and slaws.

Product Details

  • Comfortable and ergonomic soft-touch handle with loop for optional hanging
  • Non-slip base for added stability
  • Reusable cover for safe storage
  • Material: Surgical grade stainless steel frame and etched blades; TPE plastic handle
  • Blade made in the USA

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