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Slicesy Full Set with 5 blades, grater: fine, medium &
coarse, slicer: fine & coarse.

The Slicesy is a neat little tool that works alongside the
bamix unit and is driven by the bamix. Use in the same way as a food
processor for doing those extra little jobs that bamix is not designed for
i.e. grating and slicing. It comes with a main blade for larger amounts of
chopping. An ideal way of turning the bamix into a complete Food Processing
unit. Multi-functional blades cut to the perfect size when you like it cooked
or baked quickly (such as when preparing vegetables for soup).

Grates potatoes and beetroot and other vegetables, fruits
and cheese for gratin.

Slices vegetables, fruits, cheese and other items such as
boiled eggs.

Chops vegetables (onions & chillies), fruits, meat and

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