Angled Measuring Jug 500ml by Oxo Good Grips


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In order to ensure the measurements were accurate while being read from above, the engineers at OXO realised the Cup had to be oval instead of the traditional round shape. And, true to OXO’s philosophy, they added a soft, non-slip handle for a comfortable grip, even when your hands are wet or oily.
OXO has revolutionised liquid measuring with their Angled Measuring Cups. A patented angled surface lets you read measurement markings by looking straight down into the Cup and eliminates the need to fill, check and adjust the amount of liquid you are measuring.
The patented angled surface allows you to see measurement markings from above as you’re pouring, so you can better measure ingredients without bending or lifting the cup to eye level. Contains markings for cups, ounces, and millilitres. 

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